Join our entrepreneurial hub in Leigh

Our town centres are changing. There’s no escaping that. Adaptable town centres are needed in order for businesses to thrive.

We're based in Leigh town centre

For business owners looking for an entrepreneurial hub in Leigh town centre, Leigh Works is the perfect solution. It’s an adaptable space that can grow with your business. It offers physical resources so you can get creative as well as human resources – the kind of help you’ll need from skilled business people.


Our spaces are numerous and varied – whether you want to hire a private office or a hotdesk, a workshop or a dark room, we have a space to suit your needs.

We have an electronics lab, conference room, workshop, and studio – if entrepreneurs need it, we have it.

And when you need to refuel, we have a chill-out area with a big-screen TV and games. So you can sip fresh coffee and snack from our fully stocked fridge as you relax.


The building is equipped with first-rate facilities that are sometimes out of reach for the typical small business start-up. But this entrepreneurial hub in Leigh offers everything you need to be at your most productive. From video, audio, and graphics editing workstations to a conference room with interactive screens, the technology is in place for you to get up and running straight away.

For business owners looking for an entrepreneurial hub in Leigh town centre, Leigh Works is the perfect solution.

We have 3D printing and laser-cutting facilities, and an electronics lab. Our workshop and tools are well-used by local creatives, and our audio, video, and photo studio means you can create content in a quiet, dedicated space.

Electronics lab
3D printing
Laser cutting

We are a Community

The business people based here are entrepreneurs just like you. They have wide-ranging experience and have developed skills that you can use to help your business go further. And we don’t just mean foosball tricks that they learned in the chill-out area.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and drive to help other local businesses in Leigh succeed.

We can help you to make local connections and support you by offering the services you might need. And on the occasions that we can’t help you with something, we’ll know someone else who can.

Wider Support

As part of the Leigh Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework, Wigan Council has made it clear that it wants to attract investment and support the wider regeneration of Leigh. Specifically by supporting the creation of a business hub – the need for which was highlighted as a priority in the SRF report – which will help entrepreneurs’ ideas come to fruition. Our entrepreneurial hub in Leigh will play a big part in the regeneration of Leigh. We hope you will join us, to help improve the town centre for all.

Last updated 25 January 2020