Workshop for hire in Leigh - Leigh Works

Our new wood and metal workshop

Looking for a workshop? Leigh Works is a maker’s dream – you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment in our wood and metal workshop that allows you to start working straight away.

We have a wide rang of bench and hand tools

Our well-equipped workshop for hire in Leigh is available to all of our members, and houses a wide selection of tools that has recently been expanded.

The wood and metal workshop now houses a drill press, table saw, mitre saw, bench sander, router, grinder, a wide selection of hand and power tools.

There are lots of materials and hardware stocked on-site, ready for you to access. The workshop stocks sheet materials such as plywood and MDF, hardwoods like oak and walnut and plenty of acrylic and laserable materials to use on our laser cutter. We also house a massive selection of fixings – all the nuts and washers you could wish for – plus extruded aluminium frames and fittings.

We also have laser-cutting and 3D-printing equipment, so you can use the latest in maker technology right here in Leigh as you develop your projects.

In addition to the physical resources available, we can also offer support in terms of our human resources. There are a set of knowledgeable makers and other business people on site, who are keen to help guide you through your business journey. And if we can’t help you with something, we’ll know someone locally who can.

Where funding is an issue, we can help you with that too – our experience in helping to organise business startup funding means we can help you get your business off the ground. [LINK TO BUSINESS STARTUP FUNDING PAGE]

Membership to our co-working space in Leigh starts at £39 per month, and includes access to our other facilities such as chill-out area and electronics workshop. Private workshop areas are also available for rent.

So if you’re after a workshop for hire in Leigh, get in touch and boost your project with the resources that will help make your business a success.